1. l:b::dr j:y: g:j:an:n: p:av:t:i n:dn: p:rm: dy:aG:n: l:b::dr j:y: g:j:an:n: b:D: ev:m::c:n: B:v: B:y: B:j:n: )N:v: sv:-p: h eS:v: n:dn: p:aeh )B:: m:a p:aeh g:j:an:n:
  2. (Hey Lambodara (pot bellied One), victory to You, hey Gajaaanana! Hey son of Parvati, the personification of compassion, the One who liberates (devotees) from bondage and the cycle of birth and death, the One with the Primival form, Son of Shiva, please protect me, Lord, please protect Lord Ganesha)