1. S:rv:N:a eS:v: km:ar \:Nm:K:n:aT: j:y: j:y: \:Nm:K:n:aT: s:b:Ny:a kaet:ky: kael:y:av:t:ar \:Nm:K:n:aT: j:y: j:y: \:Nm:K:n:aT: ! S:rN: S:rN: \:Nm:K:n:aT:
  2. (Oh Subramanya (second son of Shiva and Parvati), son of Shiva, victory to Thee, Shanmukhanatha (Lord with six heads). Oh Lord Karthikeya (another name for Subramanya), You are the incarnation of the Kali age. I take refuge in You, Shanmukhanatha)