1. A:j: g:, p:eN:m:a A:j: g:, p:eN:m:a dv: m:h:r t:v: c:rN: A:n:d g:, dv: s:, dv: A:e:t: v:ts:l: s:aI g:, dv: A:p:d b:aD:v: s:, dv: m:g:l: kark m::x: ev:day:k m:eVt: )day:k s:, dv: S:rN: S:rN: t:v: c:rN: (2)
  2. (Today is Guru Poornima, Oh Lord Maheshwara (Shiva), The Blissful Divine Teacher, the noble Perceptor; The One who protects (those) taking refuge in Him; The friend who protects in times of danger; The One bestowing auspiciousness and Liberation; We surrender at Thy (Lotus) Feet)