1. j:y: j:y: j:y: h :i g:,n:aT: j:y: j:y: j:y: h s:, n:aT: s:, n:aT: s:, n:aT: s:, n:aT: :i s:aI n:aT: s:ty: sv:-p: eS:v: g:,n:aT: At:y:aem: ev:: ev:D:at:a m:eVt: )dat:a s:aI g:,n:aT:
  2. (Victory to Thee, Oh auspicious perceptor. Victory to Thee, Oh noble perceptor. Victory to Thee, Lord Sai. Thou art the form of Truth. Thou art the dispenser of the Universe, the indweller in all. Thou art the bestower of salvation, Oh Sai!)