1. m:an:s: B:j::r g:, c:rN: dst:r B:v: s:ag:r t:arN: g:, m:haraj: g:, j:y: j:y: s:aI n:aT: s:d g:, j:y: j:y: ! n:m:H eS:v:ay:, ! n:m: eS:v:ay:, ! n:m:H eS:v:ay:, eS:v:ay: n:m:H ! A,N:ac:l: eS:v:, A,N:ac:l: eS:v:, A,N:ac:l: eS:v: A,N: eS:v: ! A:kar b:ab:a, A:kar b:ab:a, A:kar b:ab:a ! n:m:: b:ab:a
  2. (O mind, worship the Lotus Feet of your God and Supreme Teacher, Sai Baba. That will take you safely across the ocean of life and death. Victory to our Lord and supreme Teacher, Sai Nath! Mind, also chant and worship the divine names of Lord Shiva who dwells on the Arunachala mountain and Sai Baba whose form is OM. )