1. n:m:n: k- m: g:, c:rN: g:, c:rN: s:, c:rN: )N:v:an:d A:n:d c:d s:aI g:, m:m: g:, s:ecc:dan:d .. (n:m:n: k- ) S:aet: ev:D:ay:k g:, g::ev:nd m:g:l: kark s:d g:, n:aT: I:ramb: e)y: t:n:y:
  2. (I bow in deep reverence to the Lotus Feet of my Lord and preceptor. He is the embodiment of supreme bliss. He confers on us absolute peace and tranquility. He brings auspiciousness into our lives. He is Sai Baba the darling son of Eashwaramba.)