1. B:j::r m:an:s: g:, c:rN: s:d g:, c:rN: B:v: B:y: hrN: s:ecc:dan:d p:rm:an:d s:d g:, s:aI g:, c:rN: s:aI g:, b: s:aI g:, ev:\N: s:aI g:, dv: m:h:r s:aI g:, s:ax:at: p:rb: s:d g:, s:aI n:am: j:p:: (2)
  2. (O mind, dwell on the Lotus Feet of the Divine Teacher Sai. Your cares and worries will be washed off. Dwell on the Lotus feet of that Omnipresent, Omnipotent Divine Consciousness, that Most Blissful One, Sai, who is none other than Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara. He is verily the universal absolute God. Chant His sacred name.)