1. Govinda Jai Jai Gopaala Jai Jai Mukunda Madhava Gopaala Jai Jai Gopi Lola Gokula Baala Govardhana Dhara Gopaala Jai Govardhana Dhara Gopaala Jai Mana Mohana Krishna (2) Mohana Krishna Madhusoodana Krishna Muralidhara Hari Shree Krishna Jai Jai
  2. (Victory to Govinda, Victory to Gopaala. Victory to boy Krishna, the loved and revered child of Gokul and adored by the Gopis. Victory to boy Krishna who lifted a whole mountain to save the cows and people of Gokul from the torrential rain. Victory to that wonderful young God who bewitched every one with His lovely smile and His melodies on the flute.)