1. g::šev:ndö B:j: rš B:j: g::šev:ndö g::šev:ödö ..(g::šev:ndö B:j: rš) A:eĀ:t: v:ts:l: s:aI g::šev:ndö ..(g::šev:ndö B:j: rš) n:r her ev:YĻYl: g::šev:ndö p:ret:p:ŲriS: g::šev:ndö g::šev:ndö B:j: g::šev:ndö A:n:ödö p:rm:an:ödö
  2. (Sing the name of Govinda. Sing the Name of Sai Govinda who resides in Parthi and is so very dear to His devotees, and derive great joy therefrom.)