1. An:p:m: s:dr n:d ekS::r b:dav:n: G:n:Sy:am: m:rl:i m:aD:v: raD: g::ev:nd m:D:s:dn: G:n:Sy:am: s:ty: s:aI s:dr Sy:am: kj: ev:hari m:nD:r eg:erD:ari km:l: n:y:n: B:g:v:an: B:Vt:: k )B: p:rt:i:r s:aI n:Xv:r s:dr Sy:am: s:ty: s:aI s:dr Sy:am:
  2. (O Lord Krishna! Thou art unsurpassingly beautiful! O Lotus-eyed Sathya Sai! Thou move about in Brindavan garden and Thou art beloved Lord of devotees who lifted aloft the Mandhara mountain. Chant the many names of God.)