1. her her g:N: g:av: p:ret: en:rj:n: her g:N: g:av: s:dr -p: )m: sv:-p: ..(her her g:N: g:av:) din: dy:akr g:N: g:mB:ir dv: dv:::m: m:g:l: dat:a B:Vt: j:n: e)y: :i s:aI n:aT:
  2. (Sing the glories of Shree Krishna, our Sai Krishna. That pure and unstained effulgent Lord of Puttaparthi, Sathya Sai Baba. Dwell on the lovely Face, the loving nature, the infinite compassion towards the meek and the humble, the dignified bearing, of that Supreme God of Gods; the One who fills our life with auspiciousness, the One who is so fond of His devotees, Lord Sai Nath. Chant His divine name.)