1. h m:aD:v: m:dn: m:rari h s:ty: p:ret: ev:hari ram: k\N: t:m:h: t:m:h: b::l: B:NRari s:b: g:an: t:mhari g:aIy: m:r A:K: S:iS: j:Xay: m:r ev:n:t:i s:n:: eg:erD:ari h s:aI p:ret: ev:hari
  2. (Hey Madhava, Madana Murari (differenet names for Krishna), Hey Sathya (Sai Baba), the One who frequents Parthi, Thou art Rama, Krishna, Bhola Bhandari (Shiva). All songs are addressed to You. Please clean the inner glass of my eyes (reveal Yourslef to me). Please listen to my submissions, Oh Giridhari, Oh Sai who lives in Parthi!)