1. dy: m:edr m: b:j: b:as:ery:a hm: J:m: n:ac: b:ns:i AD:ery:a dy: m:edr m: b:j: b:as:ery:a n:ac: raD:a n:ac: g::ep:y:a An:p:m: s:r m: b:j: b:as:ery:a n:ac:: n:ac:: s:aI knhyy:a
  2. (In the holy ground of heart, Lord Krishna dances, "Rhuma Jhuma" playing divine music on flute (thereby soothing the fire of worldly worries). Along with it , dances, Radha and Gopis. Flute plays enchanting many different melodies. O Lord Sai Kanhaiya ! Dance in the holy ground of heart.)