1. j:y: b:dav:n: D:n: dv:ki n:dn: m:aD:v: m:n: m::hn: j:y: n:d m:kd, raD: g::ev:d, Arev:d n:y:n: s:aI g::p:al:, g::kl: b:al:, g::p:i m:n: rm:N: g::v:D:n: D:ari k\N: m:rari p:aeh m:D:s:dn:
  2. (Victory to Shree Krishna, the pride and wealth of Brindavan, son of Devaki, the Madhava who bewitched every one's mind including the cowherd gopis, the Krishna who carried aloft the Govardhan mountain. Krishna, please give us you shelter and protection.)