1. j:y: h: j:y: h: j:y: h: j:y: h: s:aI g::p:al: dy:at:rg: k,N:at: rg: k:eX )N:am: b:ab:a k:eX )N:am: A:n:d dat:a B:agy: ev:D:at:a )m: sv:-p: s:aI g::p:al: p:ret:p:riS: s:aI g::p:al:
  2. (Victory to Thee, Sai Gopala, the One who lives in our hearts, the all merciful One, a million salutations to You! You bestow bliss and fortune on every one, You are the embodiment of Love. You are the Lord of Puttaparthi, Sai Gopal)