1. j:y: h: j:y: h: s:aI g::p:al: j:y: h: j:y: h: p:ret:p:riS: ...(j:y: h:..) p:n:aB: j:g:, p: n:*: her s:aI g::ev:nd ..(j:y: h:..) S:et: ev:D:ay:k s:aIS: c:rN: v:d B:v: B:y: B:j:n: c:rN: Amb:j: n:y:n: A)m:y: m:g:l: m:et: s:aIS: c:rN:.
  2. (Victory to You Sai Krishna! Victory to You Lord of Puttaparthi! You are Vishnu Himself, You are the world's spiritual preceptor. You are the lotus-eyed Krishna himself. Your auspicious Feet remove from our minds the fear of the endless cycle of births and deaths and confer on us lasting peace and bliss. O Lotus-eyed auspicious Sai, You are beyond all possibility of description under any category. I bow to Your Lotus Feet.)