1. j:y: j:y: raD: j:y: g::ev:nd j:y: g::p:al: hr raD:a m:aD:v: ras: ev:l::l: raj: g::p:al: s:aI hr ...(j:y: j:y: raD: ..) kal:iy: n:t:n: ks: ev:m:dn: j:y: g::p:al: hr s:aI, j:y: g::p:al: hr
  2. (Victory to Radha (Krishna's great devotee), victory to the Young Krishna who loved the water sport of squirting colored water ( called Raasa Kreeda). Victory to Child Krishna who danced on the serpent Kaaliya. Victory to Young Krishna who killed His wicked uncle Kamsa. Victory to You, Sai Gopala)