1. j:y: raD:a m:aD:v: j:y: j:y: kj: ev:hari j:y: j:y: g::p:i j:n: v:ll:B: j:y: eg:erv:r D:ari y:S::da n:d v:j: j:n: rj:n: y:m:n:a t:ir v:n: py:ari D:n: hr k\N:, hr k\N: k\N: k\N: hr hr hr ram: hr ram: ram: ram: hr hr
  2. (Victory to Thee, Hey consort of Radha (Madhava, Krishna), consort of Gopis, the One who lifted the Govardhan mountain, the son of Nanda, the One captivating the people of Vraja, the One producing sweet music in the forests on the banks of Yamuna river. Chant the sweet name of Lord Krishna)