1. kly:aN: k\N: km:n:iy: k\N: kal:ig: m:dn: :i k\N: g::v:D:n: eg:erD:ari m:rari g::p:i m:n: s:c:ari s:aI g::p:i m:n: s:c:ari b:dav:n: k t:l:s:im:al: p:it:ab:rD:aer m:rari
  2. (Blessed Krishna, You are the One who charms the most desirable, You crush the serpent demon (of ignorance). You uplift the mountain (support the worlds) in protection of Your devotees. You stole the hearts of Gopis. You destroy the demon of "I and mine" (selfishness), O darling boy of Brindavana, You wear a rosary of tulsi beads dressed in beautous yellow cloak. You free us from ignorance)