1. kanha knhyy:a b:ns:i AD:ery:a b:dav:n: G:n: ras: rc:yy:a g::kl: n:dn: h ec:: m::hn: raD:a m:n::hr Sy:am: m:an:s: c::r n:d ekS::r p:ret: ev:har s:aI g::p:al: s:aI g::p:al:
  2. (Hey little Krishna, You played the flute and played Rasacreeda (water sport) at Brindavan. You are the child of Gokula, You are the enchanter of minds, You are Radha's consort, You are dark complexioned and beautiful. Hey son of Nanda, You steal our minds. You are Sai Krishna, the one frequents Puttaparthi)