1. kS:v: m:aD:v: her n:aray:N: s:ty: n:aray:N: s:aI her ! s:ty: s:n:at:n: her n:aray:N: j:y: n:aray:N: s:aI her m:..(kS:v: m:aD:v:..) s:ecc:dan:d p:rm:an:d n:rher ev:YYl: s:aI her ! her ! her ! her ! s:aI her ! her ! ! !, her ! ! !, her ! ! !, s:aI her !
  2. (Chant the names of Keshava, Madhava, Hari, Narayana and Sathya Sai Baba. Our Sai Baba is none other than all these Gods. He is Truth eternal. He is that eternal primeval blissful God who is a sachidananda (knowledge, existence and bliss).)