1. kS:v:a m:aD:v: j:y: dv: m:D:s:dn: n:*: km:l: dl: At:iv: m:n::hr At:y:aem: )B: p:rm::r m:ay:a m:an:\: v:\: l:il:aD:r m:ay:a m:an:\: v:\: l:il:aD:r
  2. (Radiant Lord Krishna, master of maya, glory to God who destroys harmful forces; With eyes like the petals of the lotus, he is most enchanting to the mind; Inner motivator, sovereign Lord, supreme and highest Lord; He appears clothed in human form to move among men and uplift them. Thru the sport of His Divine Play He assumes a disguise or vesture of a man; born in the world now as Sri Sathya Sai)