1. m:aD:v: m:aD:v: m:D:s:dn: her m:aD:v: m:T:raeD: p:t: kS:v: m:aD:v: m:aD:v: m::hn: m:rl:i m:kd m:aD:v: p:av:n: p:ret: m:rhr m:aD:v: j:y: j:y: j:y: h j:y: her m:aD:v:
  2. (Hey Madhava, Madhusoodana (the One who killed demon Madhu), Hey Hari (different names for Krishna), Hey Keshava, Lord of Mathura, You are the One with the beautiful flute, Hey Mukunda (Krishna), You are the One living at Parthi, the One who destroyed the demon Mura, victory to You, victory to Thee, Krishna)