1. m:D:v:n: s:c:ri Sy:am: m:rari h m:D:s:dn: m:rl:iD:ari m:D:v:n: s:c:ari Sy:am: m:rari m:aD:v: m::hn: m:y:r m:kX D:r m:T:ra n:aT: )B: eg:erD:ari m:T:ra n:aT: s:aI eg:erD:ari
  2. (Lord who roams through the forest, blue-complexioned Krishna; Conqueror of the demon Madhu who plays upon the flute; Enchanting Lord of laxmii with a peacock feather in his crown; Lord of Mathura, who held aloft the mountain.)