1. m:n: r t: B:j: l: her k n:am: )B: c:rN:: m: t:ra D:am: m:n: r t: B:j: l: her k n:am: m:edr m: m: S:K: b:j:aU A:h b:ns:iv:al: A:h b:ns:iv:al: ! m:esj:d m: All:ah k: b:l:aA: All:ah h: Akb:r All:ah h: Akb:r g:ierj:a m: Os: k: b:l:aA: g:,ar m: eS:S: J:k: v:ah g:, v:ah g:, n:an:k n:am: v:ah g:, v:ah g:, s:aI n:am:
  2. (O Mind ! Your place is at the Lotus Feet of Lord. Worship Lord Hari. O Lord Krishna ! Thou art offered obeisance by blowing conch in the Temple. In Masjid, Thou art prayed as Almighty Allah. In Church, Thou art prayed as Christ and in Gurudwar (Sikh Temple) devotees pray and bow their heads in reverence as Guru Nanak. Hail Guru Nanak; Hail Lord Sai.)