1. m:edr m: A:A: m:aD:v: m:aD:v: kS:v: ... (m:edr m:) A:ed n:aray:N: An:t: s:aI A:A: A:A: A:tm: en:v:as:i raD:a l::l:a rK:m:aI ev:YYl: rg: p:aNRrg: ev:YYl:
  2. (Come, (Sai)Krishna, be enshrined in the temple of my heart! Thou art the primeval Narayana, Thou art the limitless Sai. It is in Your devotees' hearts where you dwell. Come and be enshrined in my heart. As Krishna You were Radha's consort, and You were Rukmini's Vitthala. You are also the Great Vishnu. Please come to me.)