1. m:rl:i k\N: m:kd k\N: m::hn: k\N: k\N: k\N: g::p:i k\N:, g::p:al: k\N:, g::v:D:n:D:r k\N: k\N: raD:a k\N:, b:al: k\N:, ras: ev:l::l: k\N: k\N: eS:rRi k\N:, p:ret: k\N:, :i s:ty: s:aI k\N: k\N:
  2. (Hail Krishna, who enchants us, with a beautiful form, who holds the flute and liberates us; cowherd boy who held the mountain, Radha's Krishna, who danced ecstatically with the gopis; Krishna, who lived as Shirdi Sai is now incarnated in Puttapari.)