1. m:rl:i m:rl:i m:rl:i G:n:Sy:am: m::hn: m:rl:i s:aI Sy:am: m:rl:i m:rl:i m:rl:i G:n:Sy:am: kn:kab:r D:r k,N:a s:ag:r m:ira k )B: eg:erD:r n:ag:r p:ret:p:ri:r s:aI Sy:am:
  2. (Hey Krishna, You are the dark complexioned One with the flute, You are the captivating Sai Krishna, You are the One wearing the golden colored dress, You are the ocean of mercy, the Lord of Meera, the One who lifted the mountain, You are the Lord of Puttaparthi)