1. n:m:H ! s:ty: s:aI k\N: n:m:H ! g::p:ij:n: v:ll:B:ay: g::ev:nd n:m:H ! m:aD:v:ay: kS:v:ay: y:adv:ay: n:m:H ! raD:a ram:n: m:D:s:dn: m::hn:ay: n:m:H ! b:ns:iD:r m:rl:iD:r eg:erD:ray: n:m:H !
  2. (Bow in reverence to Lord : Sathya Sai; Krishna; Govinda - beloved and well-wisher of Gopis; Madhava; Keshava; Yadava and Madhu Sudana Giridhari - beloved of Radha; Captivator of mind, by playing enchanting melodies of Flute.)