1. n:m::­ n:m::­ her n:aray:N: n:rher -p: n:aray:N: n:adsv:-p: n:aray:N: p:ret:p:ěriS: n:aray:N: p:ap: ev:m::­c:n: n:aray:N: n:aray:N: her n:aray:N: n:aray:N: s:aI n:aray:N:
  2. (Salutations to Thee, Hey Narayana, the One who came in the form of man lion (Narasimha), the One with the form of sond (Om), the Lord of Puttaparthi, the One who helps to free oneself from sin. Hey Narayana, salutations to Thee)