1. n:d ekS::r n:v:n:it: c::r s:aI g::p:al: ras: ev:l::l: raD: g::p:al: h n:dl:al: n:dl:al: n:dl:al: g:: p:erp:al: g::kl: b:al: eg:erD:r g::p:al: h eg:erD:r g::p:al: p:ret: eg:erD:r g::p:al: m:rl:i l::l:a m:en:j:n: p:al: h n:dl:al: n:dl:al: n:dl:al:
  2. (O Krishna, You are the One who steals butter, You are the One who loves Rasa Kreeda, You are Radha's consort, You take care of the cowherd. You lifted the Govardhan mountain, You play on the flute, You are the sustainer of the virtuous and holy (saints)).