1. n:d ekS::r n:v:n:it: c::r s:aI g::p:al: g::v:D:n: eg:erD:ari m:rari h n:dl:al: n:dl:al: n:dl:al: g::kl:b:al: g::p:aerp:al: eg:erD:r g::p:al: p:aeT: eg:erD:r g::p:al: s:aI eg:erD:r g::p:al: m:rl:il::l:a m:en:j:n:p:al: h n:dl:al: n:dl:al: n:dl:al:
  2. (Hey Sai Gopala, son of Nanda, You are the One who stole butter in Mathura, You lifted the mountain. Hey Gopala, You tend to the cow herds, You are Sai Gopal of Puttaparthi. You are the beautiful One with the flute, the One who protects the Rishis (monks))