1. n:aray:N: n:aray:N: B:j: m:n: n:aray:N: :i her m:aD:v: n:aray:N: B:j: m:n: n:aray:N: m:rl:i Sy:am: m::hn: Sy:am: m:rl:i m::hn: Sy:am: m:r ram: h G:n:Sy:am: s:aI s:, n:am:
  2. (Chant the sacred name of Narayana (Vishnu) in your mind. Chant the name of Hari, Madhava, Narayana (different names for Vishnu). He is the enchanting blue complexioned One with the flute. He is my Lord Ram, he is Krishna, he is my perceptor Lord Sai)