1. n:aray:N: B:j: n:aray:N: n:aray:N: B:j: n:aray:N: n:aray:N: t:n: m:n: rj:n: B:v: B:y: B:j:n: As:r en:kdn: n:aray:N: j:b: j:b: p:iRa p:R B:Vt: p:r b:ar b:ar Av:t:ar el:y:a p:ap: em:Xkr D:ir edK:kr m:an:v: k: A:r eky:a kj: ev:hari k\N: m:rari p:ret: ev:hari n:aray:N: m:tsy: km: v:rah n:rher v:am:n: k: Av:t:ar el:y:a p:rS:ram: A:r ram: k\N: b:n: d: k: s:har eky:a h Av:t:ari l:il:aD:ari p:ret: ev:hari n:aray:N: B:j:n: s: m:n: k: s:jj:n: b:n:kr B:eVt: m:ag: edK:l:aedy:a s:aI B:j:n: s: B:v:s:ag:r k: p:arN: B:i es:K:l:aedy:a p:et:t::ari p:ret: ev:hari s:aI m:rari n:aray:N:
  2. (Chant the name of Lord Narayana. Lord Narayana destroys evils and demons; removes fear and confers peace of mind. Again and again, Lord Narayana has incarnated assuming various Forms, whenever devotees are in trouble. Destroying sins and infusing courage and patience, Lord Narayana saved the humanity. Chant the name of Lord Sai Narayana, who resides in Puttaparthi and in devotees' heart. Thou incarnated in all the Dasavataras. Chant the name of Lord of Puttaparthi, the up-lifter of fallen one - Lord Sai Narayana.)