1. raD:š g::šev:nd j:y: j:y: raD:š g::šp:al: din: n:aT: g::šev:nd An:aT: n:aT: g::šp:al: raD:a l::šl:a g::šev:nd ras: ev:l::šl: g::šp:al: g::šev:nd j:y: g::šev:nd g::šp:al: j:y: g::šp:al:
  2. (Victory to Lord Gopaala, Lord of Radha. Chant the name of Govinda. Thou art the Lord of those who are destitute and those who have no support. Thou art fond of folk-dancing. Victory to Lord Govinda. Victory to Lord Gopaala.)