1. raeD:ka j:iv:n: k\N: j:n:adn: raD: g::ev:nd raD: g::p:al: dv:ki n:dn: raeD:ka j:iv:n: n:dn:dn: h g::ep:ka rj:n: m:rl:i m::hn: :i m:D:s:dn: k\N: k\N: :i m:D:s:dn:
  2. (Hey Krishna, Janardhana, You are the life of Radha; You are Radha's Govinda, Gopala; You are the son of Devaki and the life breath of Radha; You are the darling child of Nanda and the enchanter of the Gopis; You are the One with the beautiful flute, the One who destroyed the demon Madhu)