1. :ien:v:as: v:kXS: s:t:j:n: p:erp:al: s:aIS: :ien:v:as:, v:kXS: et:,p:et: eg:erv:as: g::ev:nd g:,R v:ahn: g::ev:nd g::ev:d g::ev:nd g::ev:d :ien:v:as: g::ev:nd g::ev:nd g::ev:d eS:rRiv:as: g::ev:nd g::ev:nd g::ev:d p:ret: v:as: g::ev:nd
  2. (Chant the names of Venkatesha, Srinivasa. You are Sai, the protector of the good and holy. Hey Govinda, Your abode is at Tirupathi and You have garuda (eagle) as Your vehicle. You are the One at Shirdi and You are the One at Parthi)