1. s:dr s:dr n:ac: s:dr s:aI G:n:Sy:am: n:ac: s:aI s:dr Sy:am: J:m:k J:m:k J:m: G:g:- b:aj: n:ac: G:n:Sy:am: n:ac: n:Xv:r s:aI s:dr m:r s:aI ram: n:ac: n:ac: m:n: m:edr m: m:r s:aI ram: n:ac: s:aI s:dr Sy:am:
  2. (This song describes young Krishna dancing and bringing joy to our minds. The meaning of the song is: Behold our beloved Shree Krishna dancing! Oh, He is so divinely beautiful! His anklets are jingling with joy! He is our Sai Ram. He is dancing in our mind and bringing us great joy and bliss.)