1. G:n:Sy:am: s:dr b:ns:i D:r h k\N: knhyy:a t:m: h: m:r m:a b:ap: B:yy:a dv:ki t:n:y: h n:d l:al: din: b:aD:v: arka n:aT: raD:a dy: en:v:as: hr k\N: m:D:s:dn: m:rl:iD:r p:rt:i:r s:ty: s:aI:r
  2. (Chant the name of the Lotus-Faced Shyaama, Who is Prince of Devaki and Nanda; a charming flute-player; resident of the heart of Radha - Lord Krishna, Who is our Father and Mother and Guardian. O Lord of Dwaraka! Thou art the only kith and kin of the afflicted and miserables. Chant the name of Lord of Lords, Lord Sathya Sai of Parthipuri.)