1. A:A: A:A: m:aD:v: m:aD:v: kS:v: A:A: A:A: m:aD:v: raD:a l::l:a rK:m:aI ev:YYl: rg: p:NR rg: ev:YYl: A:A: A:A: m:aD:v: A:ed n:aray:N: An:t: s:aI A:A: A:A: A:tm: en:v:as:i
  2. (Welcome, welcome, Madhava (lord of laxmii). Welcome effulgent and radiant One. O joy of Radha and Rakumayi, Welcome, Lord Panduranga, welcome. Thou art the original Being, the eternal Sai Welcome, welcome, my soul's Resider )