1. g::kl: n:dn: raD:a m::hn: rx:a p:aray:N: s:aI dS:rT: n:dn: p:et:t::D:arN: :i rG: n:dn: s:aI I:ri t:n:y: B:Vt::ark m:D:r m:n::hr s:aI eS:rRi p:ri:r B:v: B:y: n:aS:k S:et: ev:D:ay:k s:aI
  2. (Our Sai is none other than the Shree Krishna of Gokul, the Shree Krishna who was adored by Radha. He is also Shree Rama, Dasharatha's son who uplifted the fallen. He is Eashwaramma's son. Our adorable Sai uplifts devotees, frees them from the fear of the endless cycle of births and deaths and confers on them peace and bliss. He is the present incarnation of Sai Baba of Shirdi.)