1. g::p:al: k\N: raD:a k\N: k\N: g::p:al: k\N: knhyy:a g::p:al: k\N: :i k\N: :i k\N: :i k\N: :i k\N: k\N: g::p:al: k\N: knhyy:a g::p:al: k\N: S:*:: k, n:am: s:K:a p:aNRv: n:am: k\N: v:as:dv: :i k\N: :i k\N: :i k\N: h n:aT: n:aray:N: v:as:dv: :i k\N: g::ev:nd hr m:rar h n:aT: n:aray:N: v:as:dv:
  2. (Gopaala = the Protector of the cows or Lord of the senses; Krishna = the Lord Who attracts irresistibly Radha = Krishna's Devotee, the divine Energy or Power; Kannaya = darling Child Satro Kuru Naam = the enemy of the Kurus; Vasudeva = Son of Vasudeva, Krishna's father; also the One Who dwells in all He Naathha = O Lord; Narayana = the Form of Lord Vishnu Which reclines on the serpent Ananta Govinda = Lord of the cows; Harey = the Stealer of our hearts; Murare = Slayer of the demon Mura)