1. g::ev:nd b::l:: g::p:al: b::l:: ram: ram: b::l:: her n:am: b::l:: All:ah m:ael:k Es: n:an:k z::ra\X m:hav:ir b:ع n:am: b::l:: y: n:am: s:ar h j:iv:n: s:har p:rm:n:dk K::l:t: h ar j:: n:am: c:ah: v:: n:am: b::l:: )m: s: b::l:: B:v: s: b::l::
  2. (Sing (chant) the names of Govinda, Gopala, Ram and Hari; the names of Allah, Nanak (Guru Nanak), Zoraster, Buddha and Mahaveera; all these names are the props in life. Open the wall (doors) to supreme Bliss; whatever name you like, call upon that name, but chant it with Love and Devotion)