1. g::ev:nd g::ev:d B:j:m:n: raD: g::ev:nd raD:a l::l:a g::ev:nd ras:ev:l::l: g::ev:nd k\N: kS:v: hr m:aD:v: g::ev:nd j:y: g::ev:nd hr m:rar s:aI m:rar g::ev:nd j:y: g::ev:nd g::ev:nd j:y: g::ev:nd g::ev:d j:y: g::ev:nd
  2. (Chant in your mind, the name of Govinda - Radha's Govinda, the One loved by Radha and the Gopis. Victory to Thee, Hey Krishna, Keshava, Madhava, Govinda (different names for Krishna). Hey Murare (Krishna), victory to Thee!)