1. Kausalyaamthmaja Rama Charan Vaidehi Priya Rama Charan Maruthi Sevitha Rama Charan Bharataarchitha Shree Rama Charan Ahalyodhaaraka Rama Charan Shaanti Niketana Rama Charan Prashanthi Niketana Rama Charan Rama Charan Sathya Sai Charan
  2. ((We seek refuge at) the (Lotus) feet of Lord Rama, who is the very soul of Kausalya, whom Seetha (Vaidehi) is fond of, who is served by Maruti (Hanuman), who is worshipped by Bharatha, who uplifted Ahalya (from the curse of a sage), who is the personification of peace, who dwells at Puttaparthi, who is none other than Sathya Sai)