1. ram: ram: s:it:a ram: m:G: Sy:am: m:g:l: D:am: m:G: Sy:am: m:g:l: D:am: rG: ram: raj: ram: p:av:n: n:am: p:ap: ev:n:aS: j:an:ki ram: j:y: ram: rev: kl: s::m:, rnt:l: B:im:, eS:v:n:t: n:am: :i ram:
  2. (Chant the name of Lord Rama, Seetha Rama and Shyaama. It takes us to the abode of auspiciousness. It also purifies, uplifts and destroys the sins. O Lord of Janaki, thou art fearless and powerful restorer of righteousness and art pleasing like the moon to Thy Raghu Dynasty.)