1. ram:c:d )B: rG:v:S: n:am: s:it:a p:t: j:y: j:an:ki ram: Ahly::ark s:g:N:aB:i ram: rav:N: s:har k:dNR ram: Ay::Dy:a ram: p:aeB: ram: Ay::Dy:a ram: s:ty: s:aI ram: n:v: n:v: k:m:l: :i s:aI ram:
  2. (Hey Ramachandra, born in the Raghu dynasty, victory to You, the consort of Seetha. You uplifted Ahalya from her curse. You are the embodiment of fine qualities, You are the destroyer of Ravana, You are the One with a bow in one hand. You are the Rama of Ayodhya and You are also Sathya Sai Rama)