1. s:it:a ram: :i rG: ram: m:an:\: v:\: h p:r D:am: dS:rT: n:dn: j:an:ki ram: p:ret: ev:har :i s:aI ram: m:D:v:n: rm:N: h G:n:Sy:am: ras:ev:l::l: raD: Sy:am:
  2. (Hey Shree Rama, consort of Seetha and chief of Raghu clan, You are the repository of auspiciousness, the One who came in human form. You are Dasharatha's son and Janaki's (Seetha) consort. You are also Sai Rama of Parthi. You are also Krishna, Radha's consort, who played in the Madhuvana).