1. :i rG: n:dn: p:et:t::arN: :i ram: j:y: ram: ram: S:b:ri s:ev:t: s:dr ram: Ahly::ark ram: :i ram: j:y: j:y: ram: rav:N: m:dn: :i rG: ram: rG: kl: B:\:N: :i s:aI ram:
  2. (Mind, dwell on the Name and Form of Rama of the Raghu clan, the Rama who uplifts and redeems the fallen and the destitute, the Rama who was served so lovingly by Shabari, the Rama who gave salvation to Ahalya, the Rama who killed the ten headed demon, Ravana, the Rama the prize jewel of the Raghu clan. Dwell on the Name of Sai Ram who is the present incarnation of Rama.)