1. :i ram: ram: rG: ram: ram: s:it:a ram: ram:, s:aI ram: ram: hr ram: ram: ram:, j:p:: AB:i ram:, B:j:: raG:v: s:dr raj:a ram: G:n: m:G: Sy:am:, s:da s:K: D:am:, Aet: p:av:n: m:g:l: t:ark n:am: p:rm:an:d ev:g:h p:et:t::arN: )m: sv:-p: p:aeB:ram: rN: D:ir g:mB:ir dS:m:K: m:dn: l:xm:N: s:ev:t: k:dNR ram:
  2. (Chant the divine name Sai Ram, The Rama of Puttaparthi, The Rama of Ayodhya, and consort of Seetha. Chant the name of Shree Krishna, ever blissful, most divine and precious. Chant the name of Shree Rama who gives salvation to the good and the pious, the Rama who is the embodiment of love, with his distinguished bearing, the great warrior who vanquished the ten headed Ravana.)